Futures Trading

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Futures Trading

Futures are derivative financial contracts that require both the buyer and the seller to trade an asset at a predetermined future date and price irrespective of the current market price at the expiration date. Futures contracts present the quantity of the underlying asset and facilitate trading on a futures exchange in a standard way. Futures can be used for both hedging or speculation.

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Futures allow traders to lock in a price of an asset or commodity. These contracts have expirations dates and predetermined prices. One can identify them by their expiration month. The term futures is an overall market representation. However, there are more futures contracts available for trading such as: Commodity futures like in crude oil, corn, wheat or natural gas, currency futures including those for the euro and the British pound, stock index futures like the S&P 500 Index, U.S. Treasury futures for bonds and other related products and precious metal futures for gold and silver. Trade futures and get the most out of trading with fast execution and no requotes, by opening one out of the multiple trading accounts Loyal Primus offers.