Bayan Mikal: Awarded ‘Trader of the Year 2023’ by Loyal Primus

In a resounding declaration of trading prowess, Bayan Mikal has been conferred the prestigious ‘Trader of the Year 2023’ title by Loyal Primus, acknowledging their exceptional achievements and contributions within the trading domain.



Mikal’s feat of executing over 10,000 successful trades throughout the year stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication and strategic finesse. This remarkable feat propelled Mikal’s portfolio to a staggering 900% increase in value, showcasing not only a mastery of the market dynamics but also an acute understanding of trading strategies.

What sets Mikal apart is their consistent success. Maintaining a profitable track record for an impressive 12 months underscores their ability to navigate the volatility of the markets with resilience and skill. Their adept risk management approach, minimizing losses to less than 5% of total trades, further solidifies Mikal’s standing as a trading luminary.

In recognition of this unparalleled accomplishment, Loyal Primus presented Mikal with a prestigious certificate of achievement and an array of distinguished awards, symbolizing both appreciation and admiration for Mikal’s expertise and contributions to the trading community.

Bayan Mikal’s exceptional achievements position them as a guiding force in the trading arena, inspiring traders globally. The ‘Trader of the Year 2023’ accolade not only celebrates past triumphs but also marks the beginning of a promising trajectory towards even greater successes in the dynamic world of trading.